Learn how to make real money, as a side hustle, by taking advantage of “hidden”, yet high-demand, job opportunities across diverse industries.

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If you are looking for an easy “get-rich-quick scheme” like pyramids or betting sites, you can close this page and go on with your life.

What you will see here is a whole nother story.

This is for the average person, who is tired of false promises of easy money on the internet… tired of wasting their money with products that don’t solve their problem… 

Is that your case? Because if it is…

This is the perfect opportunity: content free of exaggerations, accessible, straight to the point, and full of good ways for you to make $1,000 in 7 days.

Additional income, extra, in your account.

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How to take advantage of people’s laziness to make money (selling convenience) – Page 15

Converting your contact list into money (yes, it’s possible and easier than you think) – Page 23

How to make money selling physical products without investing in logistics, without headaches, and even without inventory (legally). – Page 34

How to sell an online product with minimal effort (within a few minutes) – without showing your face at ANY time. – Page 41

How to use Google to make up to $5.000 in 7 days (and even up to $25.000 in 30 days) – Page 49

How to make money from people’s (increasingly) busy routines. – Page 67

What is the product that allows you to stack profits of 300% per sale and requires almost zero effort to sell? – Page 82

How to spot and avoid easy “get-rich-quick schemes” – Page 91


And much more…

This is just a fraction of what you will find in this e-book… after all, you will also learn how to turn meal vouchers into an extra income machine capable of injecting up to $7,500 per month into your account (page 52)…

And you will discover many other ways for you to make $1,000 in 7 days.

Is it quick money earned through smart work? Yes.

Will you get rich quickly? No.

Get a Sneak Peek of What Awaits You Upon Acquiring Your E-Book:

And these are just a few of the success stories you’ll discover in this e-book featuring 15 methods to earn $ 1,000 in 7 days.


Things start small: a little extra money trickling into your account to help with groceries… household bills… and still have some extra money to spend.

Over time, your income can grow to the point where you can pay off bills and occasional debts… and even reach a new financial breakthrough to live better and work with greater satisfaction.

Why is it so cheap?

This e-book is priced at $4.90 and is loaded with value. It teaches you multiple ways to make $1,000 in 7 days without any exaggeration.

But the low price raises doubts. We understand that.

And honestly? We will continue to keep the price low, nonetheless.

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Why not?

Secondly, I am committed to making knowledge available to everyone, and providing real opportunities for financial breakthrough. I believe that everyone deserves access to valuable information that can take their lives to the next level.

By making this e-book accessible at such a low price, I am breaking down barriers and enabling anyone to benefit from these powerful income-generating strategies.

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FROM $97.00



Meet João Anderson, Creator of the eBook

One of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the country, João has developed this eBook to help families supplement their incomes without wasting time. Despite owning a luxury sports car and earning $110 million in 2022 alone, John was once just like you, which is why he’s the right person to assist you.

He used to live in a house on a dirt road… experienced the “financial stress and suffocation” of debt… had a simple job as an Amazon courier… and his first car had a broken side mirror. It was a scenario with zero glamour and zero romance.

So, what was the turning point?

Discovering the smartest way to wealth, which is learning how to make money quickly and in any situation – this is a PERSONAL skill that nobody can take away from him… from you… or from anyone else.

And yes, YOU can learn the same thing now.

Just take the first step to make more money in a short time, and gradually, realistically, and without delusions, you will progress towards YOUR financial freedom.


You can access ALL 15 ways to make $1,000 in 7 days without any financial commitment at this initial stage.

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The price to download the e-book is only $14.00 (one-time payment) and nothing more. Do you want to “exchange” the value of $14.00 for the skills to make $1,000 per week, every week? It’s up to you to decide.

It depends on which country you are at. We invite you to visit our checkout page by click the button bellow, and see which options are available in your country!

Since the e-book is a digital book, it will be made available to you via email (the same email you use for the purchase).

You will be able to follow the daily and exclusive content from John Anderson through the ebook.

The e-book gives you 15 different ways to try out, so there’ll be at least one that fits your situation – it’s like a foolproof plan. But if you feel it’s not your thing, no worries! You can get a refund within the first 7 days.

You will have lifetime access to the e-book.

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